Labour Audio Triptych

I have an audio work in a group show opening at The Workers Arts and Heritage Centre on September 11th. The show is called 20/20 Vision/Hindsight and presents "work that highlights important historical and contemporary social struggles". The show will run until December 19th, and there are a number of public, educational events associated with it. More details can be found here:

My three part audio work is about the current lived experience of inequality and precarious employment in Ontario. A 2013 McMaster University study (in collaboration with United Way) showed that barely half of working adults in Hamilton and the GTA have permanent full-time work (Lewchuk et al.) The rest are working in temporary, contract, or casual positions and have no benefits or job security.  We also know that inequality is increasing at an accelerating pace, in Ontario and across Canada.

These works were created from audio recordings made in workplaces in London, Ontario, such as supermarkets and construction sites. The recordings were then manipulated in order to create these three soundtracks, which express the feelings of stress, anxiety and uncertainty produced by precarious employment, and also reflect the conditions and mechanisms that lead to it.