Android Apps

I have written a couple of apps that are available on the Google Play app store. The first one, called "Vision Persist" is an interactive abstract painting generator based on my Colour Mutator work which was exhibited at Enjoy Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand in 2009:

The second one is called "Pixel Camera Paint" and allows you to create pixelly, abstract compositions by pointing your device's camera at a scene and capturing parts of it in a digital collaging process. You can pause and restart the capturing, and also save your composition to an image file once you have something you find interesting:

I consider these apps to be interactive artworks - that allow the user a certain amount of freedom to play and generate their own compositions, but also have constraints imposed by the artist, so that they always create things with a particular aesthetic. In this way the works are similar to, say, Brian Eno's generative music apps (Scape, for example), which let you create your own music compositions, which nevertheless, still sound like Brian Eno music. You can explore the whole possible mathematical space of an album's possibilities, rather than just getting one particular outcome.

Here are the links to the apps on Google Play:

Vision Persist

Pixel Camera Paint

The interfaces for these apps are very simple - no menus, buttons, or settings that you can change. Interacting with the apps is simply a matter of tapping, long-tapping, or dragging on the screen. I think for artworks distributed as apps, simplicity and ease of use are very important. Having said that, I am in the process of further developing my Android app development skills, and am planning to publish some apps that offer some customizability through settings menus.