Giles Whitaker

"My practice is focused on making works with a critical dimension – that carry out some sort of analysis or critique of societal structures or practices. I use a range of different media and conceptual strategies to achieve this. My representational works use photography, video, and sound to accentuate aspects of their subjects that might not be immediately evident.  This often involves revealing unquestioned assumptions about the role and value of cultural practices, objects, and institutions. This can also be achieved by a strategy of intervention – making some small change to a space (such as subtly altering its soundscape), to reveal its nature as a cultural construct, and make evident the rules and customs governing its use."

Giles completed his BFA (with first-class honours) in Wellington, New Zealand, and his MFA at Western University, London, Ontario (he also holds an MSc in chemistry). His past exhibitions in New Zealand and Canada include representational and abstract video, sound, computer-controlled machine works, and generative and interactive multimedia installations.